About Us

This blog is dedicated to disproving the hordes of people who think vegans can’t eat anything, that being vegan means you can’t eat the foods you grew up with, or that vegan food is not as good as non-vegan food. Although some recipes require more creativity and ingenuity than others, there is practically no food that cannot be made vegan.

I am vegan for the animals, for the earth, and for my health. I strive to avoid the exploitation and oppression of living beings, and veganism is simply a logical extension of that desire. Because my veganism stems from my belief in the intersectionality of oppressions, on this blog, you will not find body-shaming, gratuitous consumerism, or commentary that throws entire groups of people under the bus in the name of animal liberation. You will, however, find occasional commentary on food justice and plenty of bad puns.

I certainly don’t think that social networking will bring an end to the exploitation of animals or the white supremacist capitalist patriarchy. But I do hope that this blog helps make going — and staying — vegan a little bit easier for folks who are intimidated by or apprehensive about vegan food.

When not cooking, baking, or writing exceedingly dry and verbose rants on the Internet, I can usually be found riding my bike, running, reading, working in a library, playing guitar, making art, or listening to punk.

Thanks for being here!