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Sesame Seed Balls

Sesame Seed Balls (Jin Deui)

Course Dessert
Cuisine Chinese


  • c glutinous rice flour
  • ¼ + 2 tbsp  light brown sugar
  • ½ c water
  • sweet red bean paste or lotus paste

  • ½ c sesame seeds
  • cold water


  • Pour sesame seeds into a shallow bowl.
  • Fill a small bowl with cold water.
  • In a small saucepan, boil ½ c water.
  • Add brown sugar to hot water and stir to dissolve.
  • Pour glutinous rice flour into a medium bowl; make a well, and pour in hot sugar mixture.
  • Stir mixture with a fork until dough comes together.
  • Knead for 1-2 minutes, until dough is smooth. Add a little extra boiling water if needed, but take care not to let dough get sticky.
  • To assemble, pinch off a portion of dough and roll into a ball (1½” for smaller balls, or the size of a golf-ball for larger ones).
  • Make a well in the ball with your finger; place about a teaspoon of bean paste inside.
  • Seal the dough around the opening, being careful not to let paste seep out (this may take a little practice; try pinching the seam shut and rolling it into a ball again, and feel free to use extra water as needed).
  • Dip filled ball into bowl of cold water and roll in sesame seeds to coat.
  • Repeat until all dough has been used.
  • In a deep fryer, bring oil to 375°.
  • Drop a couple of balls into the oil, rotating them regularly so they cook evenly.
  • After a few minutes, the balls will rise to the top of the oil.
  • Using a spatula or chopsticks, hold the balls under the oil (it helps to trap them against the side of your deep fryer) for another 3-5 minutes (depending on size), until golden brown. Cooking them on the longer side is preferable, as long as you don’t burn the outsides. If you're unsure, you can sample a test ball; if the inner dough is soft and raw, increase the frying time.
  • Repeat in small batches until all balls have been fried.
  • Let cool for a few minutes and serve at room temperature.