Apple Pie Smoothie

April 4, 2023

Looking for a healthy and delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try this apple pie smoothie recipe! Made with wholesome ingredients like fresh apples, almond milk, and cinnamon, this smoothie is the perfect guilt-free treat for any time of day. Plus, it’s easy to make and can be customized to suit your taste preferences.

To make this healthy apple pie smoothie, you’ll need a few simple ingredients.


4 apples.

17 oz coconut yoghurt.

4 cups of almond milk.

4 tbsp chia seeds.

2.1 oz rolled oats.

1 tsp ground cinnamon.

4 scoop vanilla, vegan protein powder.

1 tsp ground nutmeg.

1 tsp stevia (optional)


Put the dry ingredients for each early morning into a bag or container.

When it’s time for breakfast, cut the apple into chunks and throw away the core.

Add it to the blender along with the almond milk, coconut yoghurt, and the dry ingredients that have already been prepared.

Blend until it’s nice and smooth!

Makes 4 portions

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