How to Peel Celery Root

By makhoni
August 17, 2023

Celery root is a versatile vegetable that can bring unique flavours to your dishes. Although it may look intimidating at first, learning how to peel and prepare it will allow you to incorporate it into a variety of delicious recipes. We will guide you through the process of peeling celery root, ensuring that you make the most of this knobby, bulbous vegetable.

Why Peel Celery Root?

Before we dive into the peeling process, let’s quickly touch upon why it’s necessary to peel celery root. The outer skin of celery root is tough, fibrous, and can be slightly bitter, making it less desirable to eat. By peeling celery root, you remove these undesirable qualities, revealing its creamy, white flesh that’s perfect for cooking and enjoying.

Step-by-Step Guide to Peel Celery Root

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

Before you begin, make sure you have the necessary tools on hand. You’ll need a sharp knife, a cutting board, and a vegetable peeler. Having these tools ready will make the peeling process much easier and more efficient.

Step 2: Trim the Ends

Start by trimming off both ends of the celery root. This will create a stable base for you to work with and make it easier to peel.

Step 3: Remove the Tough Outer Skin

Using your knife or vegetable peeler, begin to remove the tough outer skin of the celery root. Work your way around the root, following its natural shape. Apply gentle pressure to remove only the skin, being careful not to remove too much of the flesh along with it.

Step 4: Remove Any Remaining Blemishes

Once you’ve peeled the celery root, examine it for any remaining blemishes or rough patches. Use your knife to carefully remove any imperfections, ensuring that you have a smooth, clean surface.

Step 5: Rinse and Pat Dry

After peeling and trimming the celery root, give it a thorough rinse under cool water to remove any lingering dirt or debris. Once rinsed, pat it dry with a clean kitchen towel or paper towel.

how to peel celery root


Our guide makes it easy to peel celery root and enjoy its unique flavours and textures. Once you master this simple step, you can experiment with new and exciting dishes in your kitchen. So, grab some celery root and discover its delicious possibilities.

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